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Related article: Date: Thu, 15 Dec 2005 12:50:40 +1100 From: Rob Newell Subject: AFL Men 9Warning! Do not read this story if you hate incest! Also I have no idea if they are go or not- wait a minute they aren't! Enjoy reading the story if you do decide to read it.It all started after the devastating loss of the 2002 grand final. It was at the moment that his brother Shane was at his lowest, that Darryl Wakelin came through for him and ever since that moment of intimacy, the two brothers haven't looked back.Unfortunately with both playing for different teams, time was limited in which they could catch up. During the season they met up when Collingwood and Port Adelaide played each other or when there was a family occasion. Knowing this, they both fucked other players which lead to them both retelling the other their sexcapades while having a mid fuck break.After their first fuck after the 2002 Grand Final, they soon discovered that they were both sex fiends, lusting after virtually every other player in the league and then some.It was a Sunday afternoon when Darryl arrived in Melbourne. He soon found his brother and they embraced in a hug, having not seen each other in 2 months time. Emerging from the Virgin Blue terminal, they hurried over to the car park and got in, shivering from the freezing weather which Melbourne was going through. Hopping into the two front seats, they leaned over and French kissed each other, with Darryl rubbing his brother's cock through his pants."I've missed you Shane" Darryl murmured in between tongue duels.They continued to kiss for a few moments longer, before heading out of the car park and raced to Shane's apartment in Toorak. But as soon as they got in, they continued where they left off.Eventually they found themselves, somehow, on the couch in the living room with very little on. The only shred of clothing left on Darryl was a pair of black Speedo's, whereas Shane remained only in green boxer briefs."So, who have we fucked since I've been away?" Darryl asked playing with his brother's nipples, twisting them and occasionally leaning over to lick them."Well, where do I start? Ah, I know. Lance Whitnall was a good fuck, there's no denying that." Shane started."Really? What was 'Big Red' like?""Mmmm, absolutely amazing. His body was amazing and not to mention his ability to fuck practically forever without cumming.""How long did it take him to cum?""Around 40 hot minutes. I tell you Darryl, I'm surprised he didn't shoot earlier because he made me shoot my load around 3, 4 times in that period of time."This hot retelling of the fuck his bro had received made Darryl to get harder in his Speedos."Nice Shane. Anyone else?""Fuck yeah. Obviously I got fucked by Bucks a few times, and then there was Gary Ablett Jr, Matty Richardson and then the Rocca brothers."Not being able to control himself any longer, Darryl leaned on top of Shane and forced his tongue into his brother's hot mouth, licking and biting the other tongue, as he ground his hard Speedo covered cock into Shane's green covered cock.Continuing the passionate kissing and hot sweaty body grinding against each other for the next few minutes, it was all Shane could do to push his brother off of him."Not until you tell me about your sexcapades."Darryl sighed, fingering the nipple of his brother that was lying next to him. "Well, I did have Chris Judd, but apart from that was about half a dozen or so threesomes with Mark Ricuito and Matty Primus. God I love all their chests, Juddy has such a perfect amount of chest hair on him and it's so tasty to lick. You should see what happens when cum gets in his chest hair, the sight is so hot.""Really?" Shane asked. "Tell me more about it if it's that hot."Darryl agreed to, while feeling Shane's cock through his boxer-briefs. "Well, I was getting fucked by Juddy, and he has a massive cock of destruction. I mean, I could only handle half of his cock the first few times because he's that massive, but now I have upgraded to the full 11 inches.""Fuck!" Shane said, amazed that someone could have a cock that big... and that dangerous."Yeah I know. Anyway, he was fucking me with the full length and all I could do was moan, the pleasure he was giving me is unspeakable, the only other person who has given me the same amount of pleasure has been you bro.""Thanks sexy" Shane responded with a French kiss to his brother and Darryl had to push him off so that he could continue with his sexcapade."It was at the 20 minute mark at which I blew my load, I really mean blew because it landed all of both of us, but most of it got on his nipples and then it started going lower on his body. He hardly noticed it and even then he only noticed it after he finished fucking me, which was about an hour after he started and we discovered that my cum soaked right down his body, including his pubes and especially around his balls.""God, that's so hot" Shane murmured, reaching across to his brothers Speedo encased cock and rubbing it, making it get harder under the feeling of his hand.Leaning over, Shane leaned on top of Darryl and started passionately French kissing him, saliva swapping mouths while the two cocks rubbed and grinded against each other, pre cum flowing freely.Flipping his brother over, Darryl forced himself on top and started licking Shane's face, all around his eyes, before going lower to the neck, and even lower to the nipples."Fuck!" Shane moaned as Darryl licked his nipples, the feeling of the hot tongue mixed with saliva against the nub getting his nipples erect.The feelings of pleasure didn't stop there for Shane. Oh no, Darryl was the master of giving pleasure and started licking his brother's nipples until both were erect. Then licking lower, he licked all along Shane's treasure trail, before lightly licking the hard cock enclosed in the green fabric."Fuck!!!" Shane moaned, the pleasure of being licked getting to him and when Darryl licked his cock head through his boxer briefs, it was almost enough to get him shooting his liquid lava.But despite the temptation of the throat of his brother with his liquid nitrogen, Shane managed to stop himself from jumping over the proverbial cliff. As he did, Darryl licked down past the fabric and started on his thighs. The strong thighs that pushed an oval shaped ball through the air. The power and the passion, covered in the saliva of Shane Wakelin's biggest fan; his brother Darryl.Pausing only slightly as he pulled the boxer briefs off, Darryl start licking the calves and as he pushed Shane's legs apart and slightly up, he aimed towards the target he wanted. Moving so slowly at times that it was like he was stopped, he could see the pleasure in Shane's face as he gripped the fabric of the sofa. Then he moved in to his target-the still tight arse of Shane Wakelin."MMMMMMMMM" Shane moaned; the pleasure he was feeling was so unbelievable and it reached a crescendo with the tonguing of his hot arse. But there was more to come and he knew it.As he was licking his brother out, Darryl slowly removed his Speedos; which by this time was getting wet. Using the pre cum from inside, he rubbed it over his cock and then started fingering his brother. He then moved up and started Frenching Shane; the two bodies awash with sweat and pre cum.Then, while still kissing, Darryl slowly inserted his 6" uncut beauty into the love canal of Shane. Though the city of Venice is founded with canals as its essential transport; it was Shane's love canal which would always capture Darryl. Going right into until his pubic hairs were contrasting against the skin of his brother's arse, Darryl stayed there kissing and tonguing for another five minutes.Then he stopped and placed his arms either side of Shane's head. Moving his cock all the way out, he gently pushed it back in and left if there for barely ten seconds before going out again. Darryl soon started speeding up this process, until before long he was breading the arse of Shane Wakelin with sweat and saliva glistening off both bodies."Bread me Darryl, fuck me like the whore that I am" Moaned Shane; enjoying the pleasures running through his body from the head to the tips of his toes. The spine tingling sensations that he only experienced with one person- Darryl.Darryl only grunted; concentrating only fucking the fine peace of arse that was in front of him. Pummelling the arse; the love canal of Australia, it wasn't soon Sexy Preteen before he found himself on the edge of a mind blowing orgasm. Before he could cum, he could feel the arse tightening around his cock."Fuck yeah!" The cry was matched by a stream of cum shooting onto Darryl's chest; the panting was so deep you could tell that it was from a person in the midst of a mind shattering orgasm.But then it was Darryl's turn to cum.The feeling of the hot arse was enough and he soon poured thick amounts of his cum into his brother's Sexy Preteen arse before collapsing on top of Shane.As the sweat glistened off both of them and the cum joined them Sexy Preteen together, they snuggled together and had another mind blowing kiss.
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